Get out there!

So I was driving through rural Pennsylvania yesterday…. how amazing it is just to be able to say that… and I was mainly staring around in awe at what an astonishingly beautiful place it is. While I was blissing out on trees, creeks, and sunshine, it also occurred to me that I was doing pretty … More Get out there!

10 Amazing Things About Closing The Distance

Waking up together. Obvious. This is heaven. No time zone calculation. It’s 3pm for you? It’s 3pm for your other half too. No more Skype. Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee We can text! There’s something about being able to text and not use Whatsapp. Feels great. Picking her up from work. I love this. Talking! Before and after work. Sitting down to … More 10 Amazing Things About Closing The Distance